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October 14, 2015

An elderly woman thought she heard an animal whimpering.  Somehow she got the phone number of Chris and Michael from Southern Journey, one of our GA rescue partners.  Chris and Michael immediately hopped into their truck and drove to the trailer park where the woman lived. The woman said she had been hearing noises from under her house for five days, but she was not physically able to investigate.  Michael got out his flashlight and crawled through the wet mud under the woman’s house trailer. Then he spotted a frightened, shivering dog. He went back and got a treat and a slip lead, and they coaxed the dog to come out. She was a mess … covered in fleas, mud, and blood. They bundled her up in a blanket and took her home to clean her up. That’s when they discovered it looked like she had been shot.

October 15, 2015

Chris and Michael drove the dog, who was later named Mercy, to the emergency vet.  Mercy’s injuries were even worse than Chis and Michael first thought. X-rays revealed shotgun pellets all over Mercy’s rear end, her hip was dislocated, and her front elbow was broken.  The injuries were obviously intentionally inflicted, and the broken bones were likely caused by being beaten. Chris and Michael told the vet to do whatever was necessary to save her.

October 20, 2015

Chris told Jane, Northeast Animal Shelter’s Transport Coordinator, about this sad yellow lab whom they had rescued. Jane and Chris decided to call her Mercy. We told Chris  we would pay Mercy’s vet bills and we wanted Mercy to come to NEAS when she was healed.

October 22, 2015

Chris wrote, “Mercy had her FHO surgery and a plate put into her front elbow where it was broke as well. Her gun shot hole has closed up and is healing well. She has been trying to walk on her leg and she is doing really good considering – just still unbalanced as you can expect. She will go back next week to get her staples removed and I am assuming more x-rays and we should know more about how she is doing. She still has a long recovery road but she is a fighter and will do well. Thanks for everyone’s support with her.”

Our Shelter is able to ensure homeless pets like Mercy receive the urgent treatment they need, thanks to you. Please donate today so we can continue caring for homeless pets like Mercy.

October 24, 2015
“Mercy is doing well. She is having to take it slow, but she is only 9 days out of surgery and on a lot of medications. She is coming to NEAS when she is ready and we are very happy for her to be coming there.”

November 1, 2015
“Mercy is doing well. Walking on her own some now. She is such a sweet girl. She is meeting our post-heartworm-treatment dog Baxter and they are best friends. So happy we can be a small part of her journey.

Through all the tragedy in this world their also is mercy. And, Mercy has came a long way. From being shot and beaten, to being stuck up under an old trailer, to multiple surgeries. But, none of that matter when she shows you her huge smile. As you maybe can tell she is doing so much better. Her wounds are completely healed and she is now walking on her injured leg. She has been an inspiration to us just to watch her take everything with such resilience and to see her smiling through it all is astonishing. Can’t wait to see her running around and playing with other dogs maybe even her new brother or sister.

November 18, 2015
“Mercy is coming along very well. She is bearing weight on her leg, and has even tried to run a little. She has a recheck scheduled in a couple of weeks. She smiles and is very, very sweet!”

November 28, 2015
“She is one of the sweetest dogs. She has never growled since the day we met her. She loves the other dogs and has even road in the car with small dogs and she tries to give them kisses.”



January 26, 2016
Mercy is arriving at NEAS today.  She will be available for adoption soon.  She has such a wonderful, sweet temperament we know it won’t take long for her to find the perfect forever home.


Please Donate to our Emergency Medical Fund