When walking into the Northeast Animal Shelter three weeks ago, my boyfriend and I did not have any intention of leaving with a dog. We promised one another that we were just there to start looking, but that quickly changed when we spotted a litter of black lab mix puppies. We instantly fell in love with Riley (formally known as Midnight) while interacting with her in the meeting room.

Riley has been in her new home for three weeks now and has adapted to her new life with us, as well as our daily routine. She is doing really well crate training throughout the day and house training hasn’t been all that difficult.

Riley has brought us nothing but joy and happiness into our lives. She is great with people, especially children, as well as other dogs. Riley is nothing short of shy and you can always count on her to greet you when walking through the door. She is loving, affectionate and energetic. She love love loves playing outside in the snow and playing fetch with anyone who will play with her.

Overall, we had a great experience at the Northeast Animal Shelter. The adoption counselor who worked with us was so informative, honest and incredibly patient with us while we made our decision. Thank you for helping us find our playful and sweet little pup!