After having lost our 13-year old dog last winter, we knew it wouldn’t be long before we’d decide to bring home a new puppy to join our 10 year old dog, Marlin, and our two young sons. We had planned on waiting until the Spring, but when I saw that there was a large litter of Red Bone Hounds on their way to NEAS, I couldn’t stop thinking about them. We rushed there literally the hour we discovered that they were released from isolation and were available for adoption. We had the pick of the litter and, while each and every one was amazing, we immediately fell for “Hot Shot,” whom we renamed Minnow.

He was dopy and couldn’t stop tripping over his massive paws…totally endearing. He has settled in perfectly and is being spoiled rotten. He loves weekend trips to the beach and playing in his fenced in yard. He loves fires in the fire pit and chasing birds under the bird feeders. He would LOVE to reunite with some of his litter mates if any of their new families happen to read this! I think there were 10 “H” puppies in that litter all together. Thank you so much to the entire staff at NEAS for helping us find Minnow! The work that you all do on a daily basis is amazing.