We are totally in love with Dottie (formerly Jill). She is so sweet and playful. She is eating great, sleeping through the night and only had a couple accidents since we brought her home over a month ago. She has put on a couple pounds which is good because she was a little underweight when she first came home.

My mom has an Aussie-Poo just about the same size and age as Dottie. They have a great time together when we visit the Cape. They do a lot of wrestling and chasing but also plenty of snuggling together. Dottie was initially a little hesitant and scared of bigger dogs. She would either hide behind us or bark. But she has gotten over that for the most part. She initiates play with bigger dogs while walking around Charlestown and loves my uncles’s dog, Manny, a big golden retriever.

We are so happy to have Dottie in our family and I think she is happy to be here too. This is a picture  that I took of her just this morning basking in the sun on our bed.

Thanks to everyone at NEAS and happy holidays!