We adopted Izzy (formerly known as Izod) on December 4, 2015 when she was about 4 months. Izzy (the all black kitten in the photo) is a love. She was shy the first day she came home but quickly warmed up especially after she was introduced to our one-year-old tabby cat, Moxie. Izzy is playful; she loves to chase bouncy balls around the house, play in boxes and chase her tail. Moxie and Izzy became fast friends and Moxie easily shares his beloved cat condo with her. Izzy has a loud, adorable purr especially when she cuddles.

We are so pleased at how well Izzy and Moxie get along together after such a short amount of time. We are so happy to have Izzy as an addition to our family.
Thank you NEAS for all the hard work that you do.