Gordo is doing really well so far and is adapting to “city life” as time goes on. We didn’t know much about Gordo’s background but it was obvious that Gordo came from an area with more trees than sidewalk. It has been amazing and somewhat amusing to see him experience new things for the first time. For example, Gordo is really adept at catching wild birds…even during flight (I’m pretty convinced he’s part gazelle because of how high he jumps). The first couple of times he was pulled away from the birds and they flew away. He caught another then immediately released it then nudged it away with his nose. The bird, shocked, hopped away then flew off and Gordo just watched. It’s not that we allow him to do this, but while walking him he just managed to capture these birds. Well, one day while I was walking him he noticed a flying shadow on the ground and I noticed his posture change into a jumping stance. When he looked up however it was not a bird but a plane. Gordo jumped anyhow then continued to watch the plane fly on. He’s since learned that he cannot grab them…but still watches.

He’s slowly learning how to play with other dogs. He gets along well with our resident cat and shows concern if the cat isn’t moving his normal pace (senior cat). The cat also shows concern for Gordo if we leave the house outside of our normal routine. Gordo has some slight food guarding when it comes to other animals but we are working on that. The cat and he now share a water bowl.

All in all Gordo is doing really well and has fully integrated into our family. He joins me on trips to the woods, the river, to many parks and the beach. We are still working on some training and will likely be joining the training group offered at Northeast to work on some of his anxiety. At the end of the day, Gordo just wants to be with you to provide companionship and many many kisses.