I met Mr. Monkey (now Aleksei) shortly after I began my employment at NEAS a little over a year ago. He suffered from decaying teeth (which were in time extracted), sparse fur, an ear infection, and a very problematic skin. He became a fixture at the shelter having been returned after his initial adoption and bounced around a few temporary foster homes due to some behavioral issues. It was heartbreaking to see him back time and time again. In February it was decided that I would welcome him into my home for an overnight visit, and Funky never left.

9 months later, Aleksei is living a life suited for a king. He is beloved by all who meet him and his behavioral issues have all but vanished. He has an incredible amount of love to give and has given my parents and I memories and laughs that will last a lifetime. He has come a long way since his shelter days and I know if he could speak he would say thank you to all those who helped get him to where he is today.