Koji, formerly known as Nod, is exactly the addition our little family needed. Our 2 year old Kigo is especially feeling the love! Our babies affectionately called Kiki and Gigi are attached at the hip and can be found snuggling on fuzzy blankets, perched on their cat tree or sitting on the window sill together. It was a struggle to keep them separated in our studio apartment for the first couple days because they were so eager to be best friends.

Our adoption counselor, Sue, was thorough and seamlessly guided us through the adoption process! We left extremely happy with our new fur baby.  Northeast Animal Shelter continued to be extremely helpful with further questions when Koji seemed to pass a contagious sneeze to Kigo. We were given several recommendations for local vets and I was comforted in knowing the shelter really cares about every single animal that leaves their shelter (and even their new siblings). Both kitties are on medicine and seem to be getting better as they are jumping off walls, we like to call it kitty parkour, and play chasing each other at this very moment.

Koji is a little ball of love. She purrs up a storm even if just reach out to pet her, sleeps right beside us when it’s bedtime and gives the abundance of sandpaper tongued kisses.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to give her a lifetime of love!