Otis is a love! He has such a sweet temperment and listens great to sit, stay, wait, down. He loves our cat Pugsly, who also came from NEAS. Pugs likes him too! I’m sure they will eventually be cuddlers. Otis is a bit of a velcro dog, but I knew that with the breed and welcome the company every step of the way around the house :). He is good with baths, he’s had a couple and he’s curious about everything, but tentative when he should be. He’s a great walker too! He will sit to have his leash put on and anytime along the walk that I ask him too. He loves to run in our big backyard and he’s super fast!! He plays great with other dogs and absolutely loves playing stick. I can’t imagine how he ended up back at the shelter, but we are so glad he lives with us now.