JJ is on the left, and Hawkeye on the right.

We adopted Hawkeye, formerly known as South, as a puppy. At first he had quite a few medical issues which with the help of our wonderful vet got resolved rather quickly. He hated to be alone and would not sleep unless someone was within his sight. If he could not see you, he would cry endlessly. He is, despite his appearance, a dog who needs to be with his person/family.

We are not sure what he went through before reaching NEAS, but from his behavior we can only assume it was not all that good. He would cower and shake uncontrollably, if a person approached him standing and the taller the person was, the more afraid he was. We have helped him overcome this fear and now he no longer cowers and will stand tall.

Hawkeye is very observant and will drop to the ground when he spots another dog or person during our walks and watch them closely without moving a muscle or making a sound. Hunting instinct perhaps? He definitely has some Australian Cattle dog in him. He is a super love bug and cuddler and has become best friends with his sister JJ (who is a Sato rescue we also adopted from NEAS roughly 4 years before him).

Our family seems to be much more complete now that he is with us and we couldn’t imagine life with out either him or his sister. He is a bit overweight and we’ve been working on that, but if there is one morsel of kibble anywhere, he will find it. If you give him and his sister a treat you have to keep an eye on him otherwise he will pounce and steal his sisters treat when she isn’t looking.

Hawkeye does have a few little quirks….he pounces like a cat and will sneak up on things like a cat, he makes a weird grunting noise that reminds us of the alligator call, he growls and wags his tail when he wishes to play and he will lay his head on you lap and just stare at you for hours with his deep soulful eyes just to be patted continually. We are still working on getting him to tell us when he needs to go out in a more vocal manner, but he is a very good boy and never has an accident.

Thank you for bringing these two wonderful family members into our lives.