Mikey, now known as Hank, is doing great. He did need to be treated for a parasite when we brought him home, but since then he’s been eating very well and is no longer underweight. He is becoming quite the handsome little man especially now that his fur is growing in. He has been the snuggliest dog since the first day we brought him home, when he curled up into a little ball in my lap and spent all evening snoozing. All he wants is to be patted and cuddled, and loves to lay flat on his back with his very long, skinny legs in the air to have his belly rubbed. We have never seen a dog that likes to be petted as much as Hank!

He is also a very unusual dog who really likes the blow dryer after his bath. When I dry my hair, he stands behind me to catch the stream of hot air. He loves visitors (in his opinion, more people to pet him and give attention!), and generally does well with other dogs, the one exception being rambunctious, jumping puppies.

We are starting to hear his voice more now that he is more comfortable, and he is testing us more to see what he can get away with, but nothing especially out of the ordinary.

We had a great experience with the shelter, and can hardly remember what life was like without our furry friend!