My husband and I adopted Dez (aka Luv) a little over a year ago after I saw her online and went to visit. Jean was very helpful in explaining her behavior, that she had been returned once and would need work, but had a sweet temperament and just needed some time to get to know us. We had done a lot of searching before finding Dez and the experience at NEAS was without comparison. They made it very easy to adopt, but were also open and realistic about her background. It didn’t take long for Dez to become a cherished member of our family. Her quirks have brought us so many laughs. She loves letting loose at the local dog park, has lots of friends, including a boyfriend Carl the black lab mix, keeps an eye on her nemesis the neighbor’s cat, hides behind our elliptical when she’s guilty, has no sense of personal space when sleeping in our bed at night, and gives the best fuzzy snuggles. She is truly a “luv”, thanks NEAS!