Back on July 7, 2000 we lost our cat Fluffy. Our hearts were broken; she was 17 years old. We made it through the summer but in the fall we needed a cat back in our lives to lift us up, especially our 7-year-old son Michael. In the fall of 2000, about mid-October, we visited the Northeast Animal Shelter in Salem.

We looked at this cat and that cat as we walked through, and one cat in particular got my attention after pawing and letting a sound that seemed like a bird. My wife asked, why don’t you open the cage and pick him up? I did and knew that this was the cat we been looking for that day. In about 5 seconds after picking him up and cradling him, I passed him to my wife and she said I think you’re right Joe. His name was Ziggy at the time, which we changed to Smokey by family vote. We were told that he was part Maine Coon. He was 4 1/2 months old and weighed 8 pounds. We thought at the time he was a much older cat he was so big. He has to be the nicest cat in the world, now almost 15 years later, and he is still the best cat of all time and 16 pounds and still in good health. Enjoying each and every day with him, I’m sitting next to him right now !!!

Thank you so much for the GREAT WORK you people do there. You have made more than our day, but our lives and family as well. We will never forget Smokey and the Northeast Animal Shelter !!!!