So many cats! And each cat I saw at NEAS was precious in its own way. But mysteriously, in the very moment I found the round-eyed tortoise-shell kitty with sun-colored stripes along her face, I understood we would be close-heart friends in this life. She quietly met my gaze, as though she understood this, too, and came directly to greet me. Jingwa means “grace” in Tibetan, and is full of grace whether she is padding softly along, leaping, or even still. It hurts to imagine what life may have been like for Jingwa, sick & wandering the streets of Salem before NEAS took her in and saved her. I marvel at this little being who has experienced suffering and yet remains so inexpressibly sweet and loving! Jingwa loves to nestle beside me, follow me about the house, kiss my nose, and bat her catnip mice about, especially the one with big soft ears. I am deeply grateful to everyone at NEAS – including Allison, our wonderful adoption counselor – for your compassion and wise skill on behalf of cats & dogs. This is important, heartful work! And I am deeply grateful for all your efforts on behalf of Jingwa, too, known once upon a time as Kamilla.