We adopted Reilly (formerly Leo) about six weeks ago. He is the second dog we have adopted from Northeast Animal Shelter. Our first dog, Maguire, passed away at the age of 13 a few years ago and we felt the time was right to give another pet a loving home. Reilly was, and still is, very timid but as soon as we laid eyes on him we knew he was meant to be with us. We are still working with him on his shyness and each day with a little patience and a lot of love and encouragement he is coming along. Reilly has integrated very well with our family and is slowly getting to know new family members and friends. He is loving, well-behaved, playful and loves other animals. He’s also a tad bit spoiled and enjoys every minute of it. To anyone considering a new pet, please adopt – don’t shop! Shelter pets need your love and will bring you more joy than you could ever imagine.

Warm wishes,

The Maldonado Family