Two weeks ago we decided to take a “trip” to Salem, MA to see the Northeast Animal Shelter. We are from Plymouth, MA so it was a good ride to get there, but we really wanted to see the shelter and how it was run.

Northeast Animal Shelter is a very well run facility. We were impressed with the cleanliness of the cat and dog areas. Absolutely clean and fresh smelling.

The staff were polite, friendly and helpful. We were given the info we needed about the kitten we were interested in right away. The young girls who volunteer in the cat/kitten area were so friendly and interested in the kittens’ welfare (Yay Sarah and friend).

Now for the best part: our kitten!

Two weeks ago we adopted Scout (aka Leonardo), an 8 week old male, long haired part Maine Coon kitten. As you can see he is absolutely adorable. It was love at first sight!

Scout loves to be held, cuddled and kissed. I admit I patted and patted him the first day until he gave up and purred. Now he purrs up a storm.

Scout met our 2 year old female, part American Snowshoe cat after a few days of sniffing under the door and then looking through the glass of the door. They now play hide and seek together (supervised). I think they will be the best of friends! Just what we want for both of our beloved kitties.

Scout saw our vet a few days after he came home with us. He was pronounced to be a healthy kitten with no health concerns or parasites. Our vet sat with him on the floor and evaluated his temperment: inquisitive, curious, a little cautious which he felt was normal and of good weight and structure. An A+ for Scout and NEAS!

Thank you NEAS for your help on this wonderful journey.

All the best with the wonderful work you do with all the rescued dogs, cats, puppies and kittens.