I adopted Chloe (formerly Twink) a month ago today. Chloe was shy in the back of her cage and did not want to come closer or be picked up, but once I spent a few minutes petting her she rolled over for a belly rub. She gently grabbed my hand with her paws and I was hooked.

I have had cat companions my whole life and the best part is getting to know their unique personalities. The first day Chloe was able to sneak up into an upper kitchen cabinet for refuge, and for the next week under the bed was theĀ go-to. Now she owns the place. Chloe loves catnip mice, her cardboard scratcher, her fleece bed, and sleeping on the arms of the couch. She is just getting to where she will snuggle next to me or on my lap for hours, and where loud noises don’t startle her as they once did. She enjoys watching her litter robot cat box rotate and greets me at the door when I get home. She still loves her belly rubs. I love watching her personality bloom as our bond grows.

Thank you to our friends at Northeast for helping me to find my new bestie.

Carrie & Chloe