I had just moved to Massachusetts and was searching for a new friend to keep me company since I would be here all alone. I first went to the shelter in search of a kitten, but after meeting a 6 year old cat named Fozzie it was love at first sight. I was told he was more anti-social and suffered a great deal being on the streets, but the second I caught his attention, he walked right up to the cage to greet me. I was able to have a one-on-one with Fozzie, and the counselors and volunteers were shocked by how he was immediately showing me affection. I knew right then that he was going home with me as soon as possible.

Fozzie, whom I have renamed Hunter, is a very playful boy. He likes to explore the apartment at all hours of the day, and has a strange fascination with the kitchen sink. Overtime I leave him alone, but he ends up in the sink; it’s hysterical. He has grown and has gained a healthy appetite since living with me, and loves his morning cuddles. If he doesn’t receive his daily amounts of cuddling he yells all day long. His new development is that he will rub his face against mine at 4 am and if I don’t respond fast enough to his liking then he pets my face without retracting his claws. He is a fun, energetic cat who loves to race around, jump, and play. If he feels ignored he will make his presence known and is no longer the shy boy I first brought back to my apartment. He sleeps a lot but the second I leave the room he follows me everywhere…and I do mean EVERYWHERE. He is a fantastic friend and pet and I am glad I was able to get him when I did. We love each other dearly and hope to have many years together.