We just got Delilah last night, same day adoption. We had been to the center on Sunday. Picked out a few from the website but when we walked by Delia (as we call her) she was so quiet and just came right to the door to greet my husband. Next thing we met together in the small room and after a few minutes she was ready to go home with us. She was so nervous on the long ride home from Salem to Everett. It was her first time out. She was a stray puppy and I don’t think she liked the front seat at night, but when she got here I believe she knew the ride was worth it. She made herself at home and since she is only 3 months some training is needed, but that comes with the territory. She has even met the family Cat Oscar (Maine Coon) and they get along very well. Seems to be a great fit. My Husband is wonderful with her and teaching me. We love her so much <3
Maggie and Luis Sousa