My fiancé and I adopted Scout (formerly Scamp) back in July 2014. We had just moved to Boston and were looking to grow our family with a furry friend. We had no idea what a treasure Scout would become. He is probably the most cuddly dog I have ever owned. He knows when we’re sick, when we’re sad, and when we just need a few good kisses. He loves to chew rawhides for hours, and sleep as long as he can. He’s the most well-behaved and probably one of the fastest learners. When he’s happy, it’s so fun to see his entire body wag just as much as his tail.

We feel so lucky to have found a dog who constantly returns the love we give him, tenfold. Thank you NEAS for rescuing all of your sweet animals and helping us find our best friend. He’s the light of our lives and we feel so lucky to have found such a sweet, loving, and caring puppy.