About a few weeks ago, we decided it was time to bring a furry friend into our family. We went to the shelter, poked around a bit and were interested in quite a few cats. Ultimately, we decided on Perseus aka Percy (formerly Tucker at the shelter). We ended up renaming him Perseus after the Greek mythology savior. After all, who doesn’t need a handsome hero in their lives? From the moment we took him home, we knew we made the right decision. Percy was friendly and lovable from the first night we had him home. Three weeks in, he’s running and meowing all over the place. Possibly my favorite thing about Percy would be that each morning when I wake up and open the door to my bedroom, he comes running straight over to greet me with a good morning meow. Maybe he just knows my mom and I being up means food for him. Or maybe he likes being the center of attention. Or both. I haven’t decided yet. It’s rather endearing either way though.

The experience of adopting an animal becomes much more enjoyable and exciting when you are surrounded by a nice set of staff members. When we adopted Percy, the staff was very friendly and helped us find the perfect cat and get checked out quickly.

Our friend has adjusted very well and seems to love the idea of getting his food and play time in before relaxing with you while watching TV.

My mom and I would just like to give a quick thank you to the Northeast Animal Shelter for pairing us with such a gorgeous and lovebug of a boy! Our lives have certainly become more interesting with him at our sides.