When we brought Ruby (aka Sydney) into our hearts last winter we couldn’t believe our luck. She was and is perfect in every way. Months later we lost our 12 year old poodle and poor Ruby was devastated. She was so lonely and depressed. We were reluctant to add to our family so quickly but decided to “just take a look.”  Little did we know that this little Alabama charmer was waiting there just for us. Ivy (aka Yvette) came home with us last Sunday and a week later we cannot believe our luck. She has wheedled her way into our hearts and she and Ruby are inseparable. They spend all their time together and crash out on the same bed every night. They are best friend soul sisters. Thank you NEAS for helping us find our perfect girls. Here’s a picture of my girls with the kids on Ivy’s 1st adventure to the Vaughn Woods