Alabama-born Diamond (formerly Ginger) joined our family on June 13, 2015, and went directly to our son’s baseball game. Hence her name. (She has a marking in that shape on her backside, but we couldn’t call her “Diamond Butt” forever.) Since then, she’s attended too many baseball and soccer games to count! She was housebroken in no time, and she has done well with crate training. Now that she’s nearly six months old, we are giving her a bit more freedom, allowing her to remain home alone (crate-less) for short periods of time. A peanut butter–filled Kong keeps her out of trouble. A Manchester terrier mix, Diamond graduated from puppy kindergarten, and she knows all the basic commands.

Smart, pushy, and eager to please, Diamond is now taking an obedience/agility class, inspired by a successful day at L.L.Bean’s Dog Days of August event. She is a wild woman at doggie daycare, and she plays so hard with her friends that she comes home exhausted. This summer she spent a lot of time at our cottage in York, Maine, where she discovered an amazing dog community on Long Sands Beach. She loves her fruits and veggies, particularly blueberries, raspberries, and melon. Above all, she enjoys being with her people—in the car, on the couch, and in the yard chasing footballs and flying squirrels. We often wonder how her sister Gabby (adopted first) is doing and would be interested in a doggie reunion if she is in the Boston area. Thank you, NEAS, for giving us, first-time dog owners and long-time cat owners, a chance with our Diamond in the Rough.
—The Caruso-Levine Family