In May 2015, my husband and I adopted our little Daisy (formerly Abby). We originally came to NEAS with a different dog in mind. When that didn’t pan out, we took another look at all of the sweet puppies, and found Daisy just sitting quietly in her cage looking up at us. I immediately said she needed to meet Scout (our other dog we adopted from NEAS) to see if they got along! We brought them in a room together. Although shy at first, she opened up quickly and they have been the best of friends ever since!

Since we adopted her as a puppy, Daisy has done a great job of teaching us patience, caring, and repetition with training. It took her only a few weeks to become house trained, and she’s already learned a handful of tricks! She is quite the goofy puppy and wants to play with everything, everyone, and every single dog she meets! She gives MANY kisses and all she wants to do is be loved, and we have plenty of love to give.

We can’t thank the volunteers and staff at NEAS enough for the wonderful care they provide to the animals, because we wouldn’t have found our two best friends without them!