Our little ball of fur is doing incredibly well. He eats and sleeps OK, although we’re pretty sure he sleeps during the day and then wants to play with us at night while we are trying to sleep :). We are so happy with our new friend. He honestly walked in and was like “Hey! I’m the #1 kitty around here and this is my house!.” He is not shy, nor does he run and hide. He is outgoing, personable and very loving. We have a dog (Kali), so Simon (or now Samson) was supposed to be a sort of companion for her. Boy, did we get lucky. He loves snuggling with Kali and with us and his new found love is going under the covers and nuzzling up in a nice nook.

We have not had any problems, but he’s a kitten, he likes to get into stuff, so we’ve just made sure he can’t get into too much trouble. He LOVES adventuring, so if he hears a door open, he is the first to run in a “new room” and see what is in there.

We had a great experience with the shelter and would definitely recommend to friends, or adopt from there in the future. Thank you uniting us with the new member of our family,