We went in on Friday, July 17, with a cat in mind. I let my 14 year old son choose which kitty he wanted to be our family member. He ended up choosing Mary (now Maggie). He was immediately drawn to her and she him. Right away she hopped up on his bed. She chose him as her “person.” She followed him around and slept in his bed. For the first week she just ate and slept. After the first week she had come out of her shell for the most part. With me, she ran whenever I came near, which is okay, I wanted to give her time to figure out that I am her mommy. She now lays in my bed close to me. She plays under my bed at night which is okay because I hear her I “giggle.” She eats cat food, oddly does not like human food, and loves to chase string. She is the perfect cat. She doesn’t chew or destroy anything, and she plays with her cat toys! She is also very loving. She loves to be petted. When I am not petting her, she nudges my hand as if to say, “hey! get to petting!” She really is all that we hoped for and more. We were perfectly matched. If I were allowed to adopt more cats, I would! My landlord only allows one per unit. I love her, thank you, Northeast!