Jax, formerly known as Darby, is a great addition to our family. We adopted him on July 8, 2015. When we first got to the shelter we had our eye on another puppy but sadly he was adopted, so we came back the next day and saw Darby (Jax). The first day we came, Darby was marked as a female but we were looking for a male. But, when we came back the second day they realized they had made a mistake and that Darby was actually a male. We adopted him later that day! When we first got Jax, he had a few accidents in the house but now he is all potty trained. He’s also a very fast learner, he knows the commands sit, down, paw, and stay. Jax loves water and loves to go to the beach and chase seagulls. Jax loves to socialize with people and dogs, and loves to go to the dog park.