We adopted Elsa (formerly Belinda) on February 20, 2015. It was the dead of winter, single digit temps, and my daughter Jenna and I were at Northeast Animal Shelter before they opened. We had seen Belinda on the website and just knew we needed to adopt her. We had lost our beloved rescue, Stella, a five year old lab mix, to pancreatic cancer at Christmas and the loss was overwhelming. We knew we wanted to honor her memory by rescuing and loving another dog.

Elsa had some quirks, she didn’t like my husband right away, and had an aversion to men, but with patience and training she has become the most wonderful little girl you can imagine. She has many friends at daycare and enjoys playing with them every week. She is a true family dog and brings us so much joy! Elsa is love, pure and simple. We are so glad she came home with us on that cold winter day!