I had been looking online and at shelterless rescues for weeks to find the perfect dog for us. We decided to try NEAS and as soon as I walked in, I knew I would be leaving with a puppy that day. Scrabble (now Dodger) was the first puppy we visited with and he was SO excited to be with us – playing, kissing, even snuggle breaks every few minutes in our laps. We were in love, instantly. We visited with two other pups, both of whom were also very precious, but we kept coming back to Scrabble in our conversation. We took him outside and he did not leave our side. He’d chase the tennis ball, but wouldn’t want to get too far away from us! We knew at that moment that he was the perfect match for us. We have had a blast in the last month. He has adjusted so well to his new home. He loves to chew on his bones, go for walks/meet new people and dogs, and he is the BEST snuggler. He eats like a champ and already sleeps through the night in his crate with no bathroom breaks needed. We couldn’t be happier with the newest addition to our family. Thanks NEAS!