I was visiting NEAS a few times a week for many weeks, checking out the cats and trying to decide how to pick one. Then one day when I visited, this black cat pushed his face against the bars of the cage and pleaded with me to take him. I opened the cage and he walked right into my arms and purred. I wasn’t prepared to adopt that night, so I decided to come back a few nights later with a cat carrier and get him then. But when I came back, he was gone! I was really disappointed, for me and for him. He had asked me so earnestly to take him home, and I had failed him. I tried to see if another cat would do. I looked over the other cats, but none of them spoke to me like that sweet black cat, so I left with an empty cat carrier.

On my next trip to NEAS about a week later, he had returned! The staffer told me he had gone out to be neutered. Again, he pressed his face against the bars and pleaded with me to get him out of there! And this time, I did the right thing! I took him home and he’s been with me now for eight years. He is a wonderful companion and I feel so blessed to have him.