We lost our Gigi cat whom we brought her back from Hong Kong. Gigi was Hong Kong ally cat but she was such a special black cat… we lost her all over the sudden and my daughter was very sad for a long time.  Then we started looking at your website, which is very organize and always has a very specific comments about all of your dogs and cats.  We would talk about how all the cats were so cute and lovely.  Then one day about a year ago, there were so many kittens on your website … and we knew it was time to visit your shelter.  We found Arlene and adopted her right away.  Arlene has made my daughter so happy.  Arlene loves to fetch. Can you believe it?  She is the most affectionate and funny cat I have ever seen.  Thank you for helping us to adopt her. She is happy and is enjoying a good life with us.