Sampson was formerly known as Flounder.  We adopted him in April 2015. I will never forget the first time our eyes met. His tail was wagging like crazy as he was lying there, with eyes that could just melt your heart. He immediately stood up, sat down for me and licked my hand through the fence. Right then and there, I knew he was the missing piece to our family. Since adopting Sampson, he has brightened our world in ways I never knew imaginable. He is our very first dog, which has been overwhelming but in the best of ways. My grandfather, who passed away 2 years ago this May, had a dog named Sampson many years ago, so we knew which name we had to have. Although, I can definitely see why he was named Flounder, because he is one goofy guy. His body does this huge wiggle and shake when he gets excited and it is just too cute! My Mom calls his tail a whip because of how fast it wags from him being so happy.

We always get so many compliments on how cute and friendly he is, along with his new and improved Batman collar. Ever since I was a little girl, I always imagined what my first dog would be like. Finally that dream has come true with Sampson. He is the perfect package! This 1.5 year old goofy Great Dane mix is extremely friendly, loving and just down right amazingly smart. He loves everyone he comes in contact with and knows when it’s time to go to the dog park. Boy, does he loves the dog park! Sampson is still learning but is making so much progress with each and every day! He has taught me so much in just the 3 months of having him and I will be forever grateful to all at NEAS. You were extremely helpful, kind and informative. You can tell that you all love their animals and strive to give them the best of the best while they are at their “in between.” There aren’t enough “Thank You’s” in the world for the precious gift NEAS has given myself and my family. I now have three cats and a dog and I am already thinking of adding another to the family. Whether that be sooner or later, I will definitely be going back to NEAS! From the bottom of our hearts, Thank you!