We adopted Petey (Lewis L) into our family and he is so sweet and loving. He is very smart but very silly as a 5 month old pup is expected to be. He has figured out he likes squeaky toys he can jump and growl at, then chew and make squeak (show them who’s boss ha ha). He is cautious around things he has not encountered yet but adventurous enough to sniff it, bark at it and check it out from a distance (even rocks… yes, rocks). He went to Salisbury Beach for the first time 7/25/15 and greatly enjoyed digging without being told no, running and jumping around with us and rolling in the sand. He is a funny guy who will play or chill out with a belly rub. We love him and are happy we were able to rescue him, or he could rescue us…. whichever way, it works out great!