We previously, looked at a different litter of puppies and didn’t feel a connection, although, the puppy was adorable…the counselor chose a puppy from another litter to meet to give us a comparison and we were hooked!! As soon as the councilor put Penny in the greeting room with us, she worked all 5 of us family members by looking us in the eyes, licking our faces, wagging her tail, playing, and coming back for more hugs & kisses!! We felt a blessing was given to us! We loved her foster backstory and was happy that she already had experience wiith kids! We adopted her June 19th while she was 9 wks old.

Penny is a joy each day with us!! She is so friendly, loves all kids & people, loves to play with other dogs, she loves every toy, she’s great in the car, has already come on vacation with us to NH and adapted well!  She’s smart and has already learned a few tricks! She’s a Shepard, Lab, Hound mix … and I think part anteater! Lol! She keeps us busy and we keep her busy between the 5 of us!  In the words of the kids: “Penny is the Best Thing that’s happened to us!”  We look forward to the years to come.  🙂