We adopted our baby Millie ( Godiva ) about 3 weeks ago! She is the best thing that has happened to me and my boyfriend. We love her so much!! We had been searching for the right puppy for awhile and when we saw her at the shelter we fell in love. She was shy at first but now has opened up so nicely. Her favorite time of day is a toss-up between lunch and nap time. Her favorite toy is her stuffed raccoon and my boyfriends socks. It took her awhile to start walking up the stairs but she was very proud when she finally did. She doesn’t like using her voice very often but when she does she wants you to know she is there. We love how calm she is and how much she loves to cuddle. We adopted Millie weighing in at 13 pounds and now she is about 22 pounds. The vet refers to her as a little tank!! We cannot wait to watch her grow. We couldn’t be more in love!!