We visited Northeast Animal Shelter at the end of March with the intention of just looking and getting an idea of the type of dog that would match our lifestyle. As we were walking, our eyes were drawn to a pitbull mix named Lee. He was wagging his tail so ferociously and licking the bars of his cage, absolutely bursting with love to give. We immediately pulled his card and met with Jenna. She was great, painting a perfect picture of what it meant to adopt Lee. We walked away that day knowing we needed time to make sure we could give him the home and time he needed. All week long I checked the website to see if he was gone. We knew he needed to be part of our lives. One week later, we took Lee (now Ernie) home. He means the absolute world to us and I can’t imagine life without him. Nothing makes me happier than having him by my side. He goes to training, daycare (he loves the other dogs), we hike the trails near our home and we just got back from taking him on vacation in Vermont. Thank you so much for all that you do and giving Ernie a chance.