Buddy fit in immediately to our family. From day one, he let us know he was going to be our guard dog as he perched himself near a window and watched traffic; only barking if someone came too close to the house. He makes me laugh all day with how he flops on his back to let me know he wants to play. He is very social and loves every person and animal he meets on his walks, except for cats, who he doesn’t like at all. He loves to go on car rides and picks a window that he wants to look out of. Originally, he marked the furniture, but that stopped within a few days, and now we only have to get him housebroken as he still isn’t sure that he needs to go outside, but this is improving with many walks and encouragement. He also has lost a lot of his extra weight with daily exercise and the occasional treat. Overall, Buddy has been a delight. -Betty