I adopted Bruce (formerly Butch) in February of this year. He has been such a blessing for me! After a few weeks of learning and working on some of his insecurities, he blossomed into such a goofball. At first he was incredibly timid. He was afraid of cars (both being in them and going near them), stairs, slippery floors, and just about anything that made noise. But, with a loving home and some patience he has become quite the character. He now loves car rides, running around the backyard, chasing birds, going to rugby games, lounging on beds, and so much more! He greets me with a tail that goes in circles and happy whines that grow louder the more excited he is. You can tell by his furrowed brow that he is doing his best to take in and figure out the world around him all the time. He is working on taking on his new identity as Batman (hence the name Bruce). He’s still a little wimpy, but his bravery grows more and more every day. I could not be happier with my handsome boy!