We came in just wanting to look at cats and dogs before Halloween last year. Neither of us were quite sure if it was the right time for a pet yet, but we wanted to see. As we walked through the rows of cats there were plenty of cute kittens and adorable cats. Still our search continued. Up and down the rows of dogs and puppies stopping along the way to any wagging tail. Then we saw him. He was a little fur ball, cute as can be and gave kisses to our hands through the cage. We were smitten and both fell for him in an instant. We agreed he was cute, cuddly, sweet, and everything we wanted. But his blue card was gone. We talked and decided to wait and see if the card came back. We waited, and waited, there over an hour. We almost left but agreed to wait still. Then a worker came and grabbed him to go play with a waiting family. We peered through the glass wondering what they would decide. After what felt like ages, HE CAME BACK! But alas, we were told that doesn’t mean they haven’t adopted him or not so his card would still be pulled. After everything the family decided on a different dog and our guy was available. There was only one problem. That little dog was named Jordan and this is the story of Max.

Max was the dog we walked right past and thought nothing very special of. Max was the dog that walked over and barked at us while Jordan was sleeping. That’s when I walked over, never shy to play with an eager puppy. Then Max rolled over and wiggled with joy as I gave him belly rubs. I played for a few minutes with him and then returned to my girlfriend who was sitting near Jordan still. As I walked away I heard that playful little “yipe” again. I turned and saw the sad eyes begging for more scratches. I went back again and more belly rubs followed.  Then he brought me his toy ball, then he started to lick and give little puppy bites on my hand. I didn’t know it yet, but my girlfriend did – I wasn’t picking the dog today. The dog was picking me. As I turned to look at my girlfriend she had a smile on her face. I asked her what she was smiling at? She said “I guess we found our puppy”. Max had a blue card waiting. I quickly grabbed it not wanting to lose out. Some playtime and paperwork later and we were walking out with our boy, re-branded to Jax.

Fast forward 9 months later. Jax is an extension of us. Always near, the three of us are happiest together. We play together, hang out together, we’re as inseparable as three can get. Jax is laying on the couch now between the two of us, taking up half of it with his head on my lap and legs on hers. None of us could be any happier. It turned out Jax was at NEAS a while, even returned once. I never found out why and I don’t care. Their loss was our gain. Maybe he knew we were coming for him so he wasn’t his perfect lovable self with that family. Whatever the case I’m sure glad he’s ours; I wouldn’t trade him for the world. That’s our NEAS love story. Thank you!

P.S. I checked later and Jordan was happily adopted by a loving family days later.