After losing our much loved 8-yr-old Lab Cosmo to cancer after fighting it as hard as we could for 2 years, I wasn’t too sure about having another dog. The first trip we made to NEAS I had to walk out because it was too emotional for me because I was still missing my baby boy, I’m a mom so my 2 kids and my 4 legged kids are my world. On May 1, 2015 I decided to just hop on the website and look to see what dogs were available, I still wasn’t 100% on board with this idea yet, mind you, but our house was definitely too quiet now and lonely seeing as we have always had a dog. I was viewing the page and Duke (formerly known as Eastern) just seemed to jump right off the page at me.  Something in his eyes just called out to me instantly.

I sent his picture to my husband and 2 teenage kids and said that something keeps telling me we need to go see him tonight, so we did, and we all instantly fell in love with him.  It was like he was absolutely meant to be in our family. It was ironic because it was as though the amazing staff at NEAS just knew it to.  They could see how perfect this fit was and we brought our new baby boy Duke home on 5/1/15. Since coming home he has adapted very well. We have never had an issue with crating him, he took to it without a single issue. He is definitely a snuggler and a people person and he loves to ride in the car and run around our big backyard.

He really enjoys new adventures and his latest was at the Bow Wow Bash at Smolak farm where he made 2 new friends he loved, Jake and Lucy, and they were great in helping him socialize.  We look forward to spending more fun times with them. One of his favorite things is to roll on his back for anyone so they will rub his tummy.  People at the Bash got the biggest kick out of it. He has definitely found his forever home and he has a special big brother angel who we definitely know is watching out for him and a family who will cherish him, take care of him and give him a full life of fun, enjoyment and complete unconditional love. Best decision we made when we adopted our Duke.  The love and warmth is back in my heart again and the family doesn’t feel broken anymore. Thank you NEAS for all you do for the dogs as well as the humans that reap the benefits of your work as well.