After losing our 14 year old German Shepherd almost a year ago, we never thought we could love another dog as much. That’s when we met Chance, a 14 week old black lab (adopted as Ponch). Chance had a rough start at life and was a sad puppy who wanted nothing to do with us when we first met him, but there was something about him that made us instantly fall in love so we took him home. He started to come out of his shell rather quickly considering his past, but we decided he would be happier with another dog in the household; that’s when we went back and adopted Tanner, a 3 year old lab/shepherd. The two are now the best of friends and we can not believe how far the two of them have come in the short three weeks they have been in our lives. They have made our household complete and we couldn’t be happier to have found these two love bugs!