After my last dog passed away at the old age of 19, I never thought about getting another pet. In fact, I was so upset I was determined to never get one because I missed Spuds so much. About 6 months ago I moved from the city of Boston out to Northborough, MA which is in the middle of nowhere. I knew no one so I figured I’d explore the possibility of getting another pet. After months of research I decided I was ready and went to the Northeast Animal Shelter. I had my sights set on Cagney (now Bruschi) but upon my arrival I was told he was with someone and I assumed he would be adopted. As I was sitting down with the amazing staff going over details, I was excitedly informed that the people looking at Cagney had put him back. I jumped on the opportunity to see him and when they placed him in the play area with me I knew he had to be mine. He came running over and jumped all over me. Since that day I have never been happier and I have spoiled him more than I ever imagined. He’s such a happy and friendly dog who loves everyone. He has a few best friends already (2 enormous black labs) who protect him if any other dogs start to growl at him. He’s now 5 months old and the bond we have created is amazing. Thank You to the amazing staff, you guys really are above and beyond any other shelter I have been to.