“Dad brought me home just 2 weeks ago as David, but now I’m known as Vader. I guess Dad likes Star Wars or something. All I know is that he takes me everywhere that he goes and we get to meet all kinds of new people and animals. I met a Pony named Misty; she was huge so I ran away. Then I met some geese who chased me to the other side of the pond that you see in the picture. I wasn’t afraid of them like Dad thinks, I just didn’t want to play with something so loud! When I go to Dad’s office I get a whole couch to myself with all of my toys and treats and all the ladies pet me and remind me how sweet I am. I’m learning slowly how to be a puppy dog, but every step brings new fun and games.”

“Thank you Northeast Animal Shelter for taking care of me until Dad could come and take me home. I’m off to Puppy Camp!”