I adopted Jaxx (formerly Rebel) about a month and a half ago from the NEAS and I can’t imagine my life without him now. He’s full of energy, extremely smart, super loving and has a mind of his own (aka his nose).

Jaxx loves to play with other dogs and is a very popular playmate at our local dog park. What can I say, the ladies love him. With his handsome face it’s hard not too.

Jaxx has been doing obedience classes the past couple of weeks and now knows sit, stay, down, shake, tap tap and can do a down stay. Outside. I’m still so proud of him every time he does it. Jaxx is still working on heel and leave it. (His hound nose makes those two very hard for him).

Jaxx loves to go on long walks and runs around the city (we live in Boston) and on the weekends we’ve been hiking a lot. He just recently discovered water and I think we might have a swimmer on our hands.

I’m so glad we found each other.