My wife and I adopted Bella on 4-18-15. When we went to the shelter with my father (since he is in the market for a new furry friend as well) we originally were thinking of a couple other dogs who needed to be rescued together. However, when we arrived they had already been taken to their new home, so we decided to look at a beautiful small white Chihuahua name Bella, thinking that she would be a great fit for my father since that was more along the lines of what he’s looking for. Well, once she came in the room and briefly sniffed my father and me, she made a beeline for my wife. Once she asked to be picked up it was all over, we were in love.

It took a few days for her to really warm up to me and since then has finally warmed up to my father and mother. Now, she is the absolute love of ours lives and just the sweetest most loving little girl we could’ve hoped for.

Carey, from NEAS, was a pleasure to work with and we are forever grateful for her helping us find our new love!