We adopted Norman on April 18th of 2014, which just happened to be Good Friday. He has owned us ever since. He sleeps on Liz’s bed, but likes to keep both of us in sight, especially when we have a thunder storm. He was a city dog, but is now a country dog, loving to watch all the wild life. He spent the winter watching the birds at the feeder, and if he deemed they were too big to be at the feeder, he barked at them. During the summer, he spent it at our summer place at the lake. I’ll let him tell you his experience:

“The picture shows me (Norman) in one of my favorite spots to relax: in Liz’s lap. I also like to curl up beside Ann when she sits on the couch. I’ve got to tell you, picking these two gals out at the shelter was my best decision. I have had all kinds of new experiences. I love riding in the truck and SUV, going on hikes, and swimming. I found out I love kayaking and biting the water that pops up through scupper holes, and then trying to bite the wake that comes off the front of the boat. Every one at camp thinks I’m cute, and the neighbors call me ‘Stormin’ Norman’ which I guess was the nickname of a famous general. That’s cause I don’t want the chipmunks near my porch.  I had a great winter, with Liz making a path through the snow in the backyard. I couldn’t see over the snow, but they kept an eye on me in my ‘maze.’ Anyhow, I want to thank NEAS for me letting pick these gals out. I love them and am taking good care of them, and they love me too. Thanks NEAS!”