Sig (formally Smith) has been keeping us quite busy!! Since coming home with us almost one whole month ago, Sig has fit right in. He has found his favorite spot on the shaggy rug, since it is the spot closest to the heating vent, and he has a growing toy collection that he absolutely loves. He has learned to sit, give his paw, lay down and most importantly of all, give kisses on command! Crate training is going well, he loves the bed we put inside of it, and surely lets us know when he is ready to be fed!

He is down to such a routine that when he is tired at the end of the night, he grabs his nighttime bone and hops right up on my lap, where he falls asleep almost every night. Sig has met family dogs, we call them his cousins, and although the smallest in the pack, he has quickly become one of the pack. He loves to take car rides over to play with them and usually does not want to leave. Sig has brought us so much joy in such a small amount of time and is such a cuddle bug. He is gentle and sweet, but loves to run around chasing his football. We catch ourselves still looking at him with such joy that he is really ours. Thank you so much for our forever friend.