I had lost my Cairn Terrier in the fall of last year. I was heartbroken. We were constantly looking at pictures from Northeast Animal Shelter of the cutest dogs up for adoption. It just happened that Romeo (formerly Cooper), with his little coned head that late Friday, brought us in just to “take a look” at the dogs before we were taking a Saturday day trip to New Hampshire! The minute I saw his little tiny head in that cone and his head fell into my hands, I knew I was not leaving until he was mine!!!!

We already had one rescue from Northeast Animal Shelter – “Logan” – a big black lovable Lab who actually gives hugs! We just had to make sure they were compatible! Not only were they compatible, they fell in love with another…a 100 lb lug and a 7 lb tiny baby! Romeo we were told had severe anxiety issues and lots of chewing issues..he’s had absolute no anxiety at all.

Now for the chewing..I’ve lost quite a few things around here to say the least! All worth it for the unconditional love we receive from him. He’s an absolute addition to our family! We are so thankful to have him in our lives and he really does make us very, very happy. He loves his new big brother, his new home and he’s very, very happy!!!! OH..and he hates cones!!!