Kirby is doing great and has become a well-loved member of our family. He has mastered learning his name, does pretty well with sit, leave it, come, cookie and we have seen a lot of improvement with his potty training. He has been playing with some of the neighborhood dogs and is friendly and playful with them so it is nice that he is not aggressive. We have also taken him to puppy playtime at Petco which he really enjoyed.

He really likes playing at the playground across the street. He has true ownership of my two children and views them as “his kids” which is super cute. He cannot wait to see them in the mornings and when they arrive home from school. Pretty heartwarming and amazing! He gives a ton of kisses all of the time and loves snuggling. He sleeps in our bed and he loves that.

We are working with him on not nipping and not jumping when he gets excited. We know this is normal puppy behavior that he will likely outgrow. He does have quite an affinity for chewing which has been quite interesting. He chewed a Kong toy, another fire hose type toy and his dog bed so those all had to be disposed of. He has other toys that seem more indestructible (for now! lol).