Hunter (now known as Jake) is doing so well! When we brought Jake home he was shy and reserved but very well behaved. Although only 3 months old, it almost seemed like he had been house broken already. Jake does his business outside, plays with his own toys and sleeps happily in his crate through the night. We did notice that he was terribly itchy and found out through a visit to the vet that Jake had mites. We quickly treated him with the vet’s help and heโ€™s feeling much better! He was otherwise a pillar of health!

Jake’s comes out of his shell more and more each day! He is such a sweet, friendly, fun-loving puppy. We have two children, both boys who are 4 and 1, who are madly in love with him. He loves right back and is so good with them, never a nip or a jump to topple them over (ok maybe one topple ha-ha). The three of them have become fast friends!

Over the weekend we took Jake for his first trip to singing beach in Manchester by the Sea. Itโ€™s a pretty spot where many dog owners take there pups for fresh air and socialization. Saying he loved it may be an understatement! ๐Ÿ™‚ We often get out for walks, hikes and trips to the beach so Jake has much to look forward to with us, as do we with him!!

Back in 2009 we had adopted a wonderful puppy (Brewster aka Harper) through NEAS. Harper was a rescue pup from the SATO program. He was hands down one of the best dogs I have ever known. We lost him to cancer over the winter and he absolutely took a piece of our hearts with him. Harper was our family. While no dog can ever replace another, this new puppy reminds us of how the presence of a dog in the house is a blessing for our family. We are lucky to have found Jake and heโ€™s bringing us much needed laughter, smiles and unconditional love.

Thanks to you and the Northeast Animal Shelter for all you do to save these dogs and cats! We will be forever grateful to you!